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Include your radio station

In order for us to include your radio station on the website or in some of our apps, we may need some information about your radio station. Keep in mind that if you submit more than one station, we will also need information of those.

We need:

  • Name: We will need to use the name of the radio station and possibly the slogan to be able to include the station.
  • Description: Submit a description of your radio station. The description will be used on our website.
  • Logotype: Your logo may be in the following format .jpg or .png formats beyond this will be denied.
  • Size: The logo may only be the size 512x512 to be approved.
  • Genres: What genres does the music you play has? Please also include these to us.
  • Website: Submit a link to your website, preferably a secure link like https://...
  • Radio link: Send a link to the active radio stream, it must be secured with https://...
  • Facebook: A link to your Facebook page that will be used in our apps and on our website.
  • Instagram: A link to your Instagram that will be used in our apps and on our website.
  • Twitter: A link to your Twitter that will be used in our apps and on our website.

You can contact us via our email form or submit the following information to