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Kiss Kiss Italia Kiss Kiss Italia

pop · folk · top40 · adult contemporary

Radio Kiss Kiss Italia was born in the early 80's dedicating its programming to Italian music only. Its success was surprising in a period in which foreign music dominated, contributing to the revival of the Italian song and quickly conquering the public.

Over time, its editorial format has not changed, on the contrary, the attention paid to the protagonists of the Italian music scene has been considerably refined, so much so that the listener of Radio Kiss Kiss Italia can easily have an exhaustive panorama of the many styles that now characterize the song made in Italy. The proof of the excellent work done in recent years are the ratings that make Radio Kiss Kiss Italia the first local radio in the peninsula.

A success also achieved thanks to a team of top-level speakers. Currently, with the constant affirmation of Italian music, Radio Kiss Kiss Italia is a reference point for those who love the melodies of our nation, the programs have an always easily accessible format with a simple and direct language so as to become the radio of the next door, out of any media stardom, only aimed at conquering the radio listener with sympathy.

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